Jack On Sunday, 11 March 2012

Credible Upholstery : Be it business or entertainment interiors of a room has a direct impact on one’s mood and disposition. Many a times you walk into a room and instantly a gleam sweeps across your face. Just the opposite might happen when you walk into an unappealing environment.

You can never fathom how inanimate things such as furnishing add to your personality and determine how a conversation might end. Thus the importance of credible upholstery comes into being.

Credible Upholstery takes all your designs regarding your interiors single handedly. They confidently present you the catalogues which are destined to suit your needs. They have a thing for everyone. It has been delivering masterpieces to all the sectors of our economy including hospitality sector, government houses and international corporate undertakings. And ever since they have been a part and parcel of their success story being a witness to its history and growth.

Credible Upholstery is a leader in unique fabrication of soft seats that are a hot cake in hospitality market. They excel in five star diamond properties with a range that can cater to the biggest line of resorts restaurants and hospital facilities. Apart from the catalogue of its signature items you can custom make your goods that would be appropriate for your institution.

These custom made goods are delivered single piece and no replica of them are made to cater other clients. Conceiving the idea and inspiration on sketches and then transforming them to reality make their process of delivery almost effortless. They claim confidentiality and customer satisfaction to be their religion and they never fail to deliver before deadlines.

Jack On Saturday, 24 September 2011

RIO DE JANEIRO: About 100,000 people bowed out Friday in Brazil for the start of the world’s biggest music festival, Rock in Rio, presenting an all-star lineup including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay.

The event is likely to attract 700,000 people over its week long run, with around 100,000 a day turning out to see some of the biggest titles in pop and rock belting out tunes on Rio de Janeiro’s shoreline.

The mega show sold out to ticket holders paying from dollar 50 to100 is taking place in the “City of Rock”, a specifically built venue on the site of what will be the future Olympic Village when Rio hosts the 2016 Summer Games.

Other musicians to follow later in the week contain Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, the Red Hot Chili 
Peppers, Jamiroquai, Metallica, Maroon 5, Guns N’ Roses, and top Brazilian singers such as Ivete Sangalo.

“Rock in Rio is to Brazil what Woodstock was to the realm,” one of the organizers, Roberta Medina, said.
The “City of Rock” was motivated by the US city of New Orleans and features 20 bars and restaurants, 50 shops and various little musical and performance events. It also has a roller-coaster and a giant Ferris wheel.